Making a Donation

The Lotus-Library is a sub-section of the Auto-Archives: Automotive & Motor Sport Library and Research Centre non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization.

If you have any automotive related materials, or know of any individuals or companies that may have items that they would like to donate, please contact us. If you know of any collections or photographic archives that may be available for purchase, again, please contact us. Period photographs are the most accurate record of vintage automobile and racing history, and, if properly archived, provide the most valuable part of any library. Please help us to save and document the history of Lotus. Any material donated will be ascribed to the company or individual making the donation. If requested, the name of the donor will be kept confidential.

All donations of either automotive related items, or cash, are tax deductible with the US IRS.

All materials given to Auto-Archives are recorded, cataloged and entered into our database as soon as they are received. These lists are available to download elsewhere on this website. You can Download our current Items Wanted list to help us fill in the gaps.

Items donated to Auto-Archives that duplicate items already in the collection will be available for sale or trade.

William Taylor

Monetary Donations can be made here

Item Donations can be made at the following locations

                             5 White Birch, Littleton, 80127                     8101 Shaffer Parkway, Littleton, 80127