Team Lotus Archive

Team Lotus Limited was formed in 1954 to establish a works competition department separate from from the customer based operation. The first appearance of a Team Lotus Formula 1 car fitted with a full capacity engine came in 1960 with the introduction of the Lotus Type 18. This car formed the foundation of a part of Formula One history which has become a living legend.

Team Lotus won the Formula 1 Constructors World Championship 7 times and their drivers won the Drivers 6 times, amassing 79 Grand Prix victories along the way. In 1965 Team Lotus became the first British team to win the Indianapolis 500. It is of interest to note that four of the five drivers who have won both the ‘500’ and the F1 title were World Champions with Team Lotus.

The Team Lotus Formula 1 cars (Type 12 to Type 109)
1982 Type 91