What is the Lotus-Library?

The Lotus-Library is a part of the Auto-Archives 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. The mission of the Lotus-Library is to preserve and document the history of all things Lotus.

Lotus-Library Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, To be a world leader in the archiving of historic automotive and motor racing Lotus materials. As with the main archive, the Lotus-Library section of Auto-Archives is open to all automotive enthusiasts, car clubs, researchers, and journalists, to view and enjoy.

From the Blog

Found in the Archive — the Plural of Lotus

This Press release from Lotus Cars in June of 1969 quite clearly states the position of the company on the use of the name Lotus in it's Plural form. It was decreed that the 'horrible' words Loti and Lotuses were not popular with those who looked after the brand! Interestingly, the press release goes on to clarify the then current model range with respect to their naming. It seems the Type 50 that was originally called quite simply the Lotus +2 was now being referred to as what everybody had decided it was anyway, the Lotus Elan +2. At least... Read more

MODEL OF THE MONTH – 1968 Lotus Type 56 Indycar

Auto-Archives recently received the first group of models from the Steven Williams collection that will form part of a significant donation to the archive. Steven Williams has been building and collecting model cars and airplanes for many years now and his collection is one of the most impressive we have come across in quite a while. We are honored that over the next year Steven will be donating most of his collection to Auto-Archives and entrusting us with a group of models that really does tell 'The History of the Automobile' in all its forms. There are some truly wonderful... Read more